My life in ChinaBeijing, China

Cairo, traveling with Secretary Kerry – May 22, 2014

This is the first stop on a crucial Mideast trip at a crucial time. The focus for Secretary of State John Kerry, who I’m traveling with, will be galvanizing a regional response to the alarming advance by ISIS in Iraq and Syria as well as prodding Iraq to form an inclusive government that recognizes “the..

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Donetsk and Kiev, Ukraine – May 22-27, 2014

We came to Ukraine to witness millions of Ukrainians vote in crucial elections for a new president. The turnout was above sixty percent nationally – a remarkable figure given the continuing instability – but the election could not extinguish the violence. Within twenty-four hours of the vote, pro-Russian militants stormed the airport in Donetsk, Ukraine’s..

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Defense Secretary Hagel in China – April 9, 2014, Beijing

This month, I joined Defense Secretary Hagel on his inaugural visit to China as Secretary of Defense. He’d first traveled to China thirty years before in 1984, eight years before I made my own first trip. And as we chatted inside Beijing’s Forbidden City, he and I both marveled at the incredible changes China has..

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